After fund certificates are listed in HoSE, it will be trade at the HCM Stock Exchange (HoSE). Hence, investors should follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: Open trading account
Investor needs to have a securities account or open a new account transactions (if not applicable) under the regulations of the current Law. The required documents to open a trading account includes:
+ For local individual investors: ID or Passport (copy notarized)
+ For foreign individual investors: passport and historical record which shows no conviction. Also, investors may contact their consulate.
+ For institutional investors: subscription of business license, Decision nomination / authorization and certify the people, passport of the authorized person (copy notarized)

Step 2: Research documents
Investors should have a closer research details on documents related to the Fund as: License of public issuing certificates, Prospectus and the Fund Charter.

Step 3: Consultant
Investors will receive the consultant directly from VFM, or at the securities company or distribution agents.

Step 4: Payment
Investors should transfer money to the trading account at the Securities company and place the purchase order as regulated by the securities company.

Step 5:
After 3 days (T+3), investors will officially own their fund certificates.


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