As the fund in the period of initial public issuance, investor who would want to join the capital contribution should follow the basic steps:

Step 1: Research documents
Investors should have a closer research details on documents related to the Fund as: License of public issuing certificates, Prospectus and the Fund Charter.

Step 2: Consultant
Investors will receive the consultant directly from PHFM, or at the securities company or distribution agents.

Step 3: Registration
When the investor make the investment decision, they will fill all the related information in the registration form issued by PHFM. Then investors deposit this form at PHFM or at securities companies or at distribution agents.

Step 4: Payment
If investors have registered to buy the fund certificates at:
+ PHFM: investors will deposit money in the account at bank.
+ Securities Company: open accounts at the securities company(if not applicable) and deposit money to buy fund certificates at the same account in securities company.

Depending on the amount of the investment, investors can register to buy certificates from required registration minimum to the maximum amount stipulated by the fund management and payment can be in cash or bank transfer.

In case the number of the purchase amount exceeds registration number and stated in the Fund Charter, the distribution will be according to the contribution ratio. The amount of difference will be repaid to investors through distributors where investors have been registered to purchase.

Step 5:Receive certificate of ownership
The investors will receive a written confirmation stated the ownership of their certificates at PHFM or at the securities company. Then investor should re-deposit their certificates at securities companies where they obtain their account. Finally, investors can trade these fund certificates right after they are listed on the stock market.



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